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 +===== Spawnhunt =====
 +Welcome to Spawnhunt! ​ Spawnhunt is a weekly event where two signs are hidden somwhere in an area, and it is your job to find one and message the codeword on it to the event leader. ​ Generally, it is held on Saturday afternoons, however times may vary, and any updates will be posted at /warp spawnhunt.
 +If you find a sign, you get given the choice of one of two prizes (as chosen by the event leader). ​ This will be put straight into you inventory!
 +Here is an example of what the sign looks like (And no, EXAMPLE will never be a codeword...):​
 +BONUS: ​ Somewhere in the spawn region, there is a Mega Spawnhunt Prize sign hidden! ​ If you find it an mail the codeword to Iyssden, you'll receive a set of Spawnhunt Armour, as well as a Spawnhunt Axe and Spawnhunt Pickaxe!
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