This page lists all the ranks that are available on MCAU, along with their region and home counts.

Player Ranks

Rank [0] is the basic rank all players start with.
Rank [1] shows that the player can build to a standard.
Rank [2] players have shown that they can surpass the building standard. This requires a lot of effort to achieve.
Rank [3] players are masters of the art of building and have created exceptional and, in some cases, extravagant creations. This is a rare achievement. To give you an idea on the level of skill and creativity we expect for a Rank [3], check out this build on a previous map

Rank Home Count Region Count
[0]User 2 5
[0]Donor 7 15
[1]User 5 10
[1]Donor 10 20
[2]User 10 20
[2]Donor 15 30
[3]User 15 35
[3]Donor 20 45

Staff Ranks

Staff have several ranks themselves. Their levels are monitored and maintained by the operations team.

[+]Alumni are former Staff Members that have stepped down from being staff. Their names are labelled in blue.

[J]Janitors are helpers and chat moderators. While technically not staff, they can kick and mute players.

[S]Staff are Staff Members. Enough said.

[S]Operators are also Staff Members, except they can make the server explode in fire and brimstone.

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