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ACE Build 2.0

Welcome back to ACE Build, where you have the chance of being named Best Builder of a theme each month. Things are going to be a little different to how it used to work in the past, as outlined below. To join in on the fun, visit /warp ace.

Player Rules:

  • Maximum two players per build.
  • Must register and build within the plot allocated at /warp ace.
  • Maximum 12 builds registered, on a first come, first served basis.
  • Players will have 8 days to complete their build (to allow for a 2-day weekend).
  • Players must provide own materials for the build.
  • A winner and a runner-up build will be showcased.
  • Winner and runner up will receive an ACE brand, as well as prizes
  • All players will receive a painting for participating in the month’s ACE.
  • If you win, you cannot register for the next month’s ACE, to give other players a chance to win.
  • Duo’s cannot register together after winning for 6 months. Again, to give everyone a fair chance.
  • Players will have 1 week after winner is announced to re-claim materials. After that, the plot is RESET.

Time Structure per month:

1st – 7th: On the 1st, the new theme is announced. For the rest of the week, players can submit a book to claim a plot, using /entry to obtain a book. Please include the player name (or names of a duo), and the current theme. Staff will then verify the entry, assign a plot and send players confirmation.

8th – 15th: Player’s build time. This will always include a two-day weekend so everyone has a chance at getting things completed. The builder will also be the only one granted access to the plot site during this time.

16th – 22nd: Voting time. Any player can vote using /acebuild vote. The numbers assigned to each build visited and used for the final vote is randomised for each player. This may not necessarily be the same number plot the build is located on.

23rd: The winner and runner up are announced, and the plots are copied to the showcase.

24th – end of month: Players will still be registered to their plot and can reclaim any materials they wish. At the end of the month, plots are RESET and all remaining materials are forfeited.

Note: Dates may vary by a day or two if real life takes over and I don't quite get there. The build time will be guaranteed 8 days in the least. ~Iyssden

Previous Themes and Winners

August 2020 - Gardens

  • avatavat: 7 (avatavat & Armdrone)
  • billyc: 5 (BillyC)
  • ned279: 1 (ned279)
  • Total votes: 13
  • Leader: avatavat (53.8%)

September 2020 - Future

  • proudweeb: 8 (proudweeb)
  • billyc: 0 (billyc)
  • Total votes: 8
  • Leader: proudweeb (100.0%)
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