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Welcome to the MCAU Player Wiki!

This portal is designed to help all players with the various aspects of MCAU, including help pages, build standards for promotions, guides for creating things like shops, and other such riveting information. See the quick-links below to navigate to more specific help sections.

Page Description
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Look here for help first!
Help Quick and in-depth guides for playing on MCAU
Plugin Help In-depth guides about some plugins used
Community General information and where to find us online
Events Special events that appear on the server
Donor Portal All information about being a Donor
Vanilla What you need to know about the Vanilla server
Old Maps Historical data about our past maps


You can use the search bar at the top of the page to quickly find relevant information. The “matching pagenames” section is probably more useful than “fulltext results”, as certain words may be used on lots of pages, all seemingly unrelated.


As this is a player wiki, a good amount of the content is created by multiple people! If you'd like to help contribute, ask RobotoRaccoon in Discord for an account. Intentional misuse of the wiki may result in bans here, Discord, or in-game.

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