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Donor Status

On MCAU a donor is someone who has donated real money towards the server. This is usually a monthly amount of AU$5.

Donors get most of the powers of mods, without the hassle of actually having to actually be a mod (which is not much fun at all – just try asking one!)

Donations are organised through PayPal through this link. Donors get a Green Rank [#] next to their name, which is also made Green.

Please be warned though - donating will NOT stop you from being banned!. If you’re already banned, we’ll happily say thank you for the donation, but you won’t be unbanned.

If you donate a fixed amount, donor status is applied to your account until the duration of the donation runs out. Even if you don’t want it! If you set up a subscription, your $5 comes automatically, and you get to keep your green name forever.

There are other donation ranks. They don’t GET you anything, but if you’re feeling unusually generous, feel free to select them. We don’t mind!


  • Your name turns to green instead of grey
  • For a list of the commands you get as a donor, check out our Donor Commands page
  • You get access to a number of items that standard users usually get when they get to a certain rank, such as
    • Access to all region flags that normal [1] users have
    • Access to ArtMap

How do I cancel my active subscription?

What if I get banned?

  • If you break a rule while you’re a donor, you’ll be kicked or banned, depending on the rule broken.
  • You will not get a refund, or have your ban length shortened. Please keep in mind that you are not buying anything – you are just donating.
  • If getting banned is something that worries you, we probably don’t want you on the server anyway. There’s plenty of PVP servers where you can go and annoy people.
  • We do our best to make sure EVERYONE has fun on MCAU. Not just people who enjoy annoying other people.

Still interested? Click here to become a donor!

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