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Donor Commands

This page lists all the commands you can use as a donor.

The Honeybadger

You can visit the Honeybadger’s lair and he will give you a random amount of experience once per day by using /honeybadger. This lets you enchant tools and weapons. Don’t know where it lives? /warp HoneyBadger

The Honeybadger also guards the XP Bank

More Homes and Regions

While you gain homes and regions as you rank up, you can have even more homes and regions as a donor. Check out our Ranks page for more info on the number of homes and regions you can have.

Your Own Chat Channel

To join it you do /ch d
To leave Global chat you do /ch leave g
And of course you can leave d and join g.
You can also use colour formatting in /msg

Compass Teleporting

Hold a recovery compass, click on something a long way away, and you’ll be teleported there! (you can also type /j or /thru which work the same way as left and right clicking a compass respectively)

Donor Tools

Using the /dtools command grants a donor 1 Diamond Pickaxe, 1 Diamond Axe, and 1 Diamond Shovel. You also get 10 FREE EGGS (OMG! :-O ). These are purely there as a thank-you gift. You can use them to throw at other players – or to spawn chickens, or make cake. Whatever you want.

Please note that you can only use the /dtools command once per week. This cooldown resets at midnight Sundays Australian Eastern Standard Time. (A countdown timer will display in the chat window with how long until the cooldown resets if you use the command more than once per week).

God Mode

Yep. Using the /god command, you gain a God Mode, however it does have some limitations.
While you will take no damage while this is active, this only applies to the Overworld (not the Nether or the End), and only while you have AT LEAST 0.5 HUNGER POINTS! If you run out of hunger points, God Mode will automatically switch off and you will start to take damage due to hunger/starvation, and other damage-causing sources (such as mobs). You can turn God Mode on and off, but make sure to carry food!

Advanced Teleporting

/tpahere is a Donor command that works like the normal /tpa command. However, it asks the person to teleport to you instead.

In addition, using /tptoggle automatically denies people’s requests that are trying to teleport to you. If you’re working away on something secret, and you don’t want to be disturbed with people sending you /tpa requests, you can turn this on to block their requests.

/utp provides additional teleport locations to what /back normally does. Just run the command and click the one that you wish to return to.

Join & Quit Messages

/jq provides a way to set your own custom join and quit messages! Just click one of the options that appear on screen, or do /jq join or /jq quit directly. There also exists /jq extra which allows you to set your log-in location.


Donors can use the /nick <name> command to change their nick. Use /nick off to turn it off.


Using /hat allows you to wear whatever block you're holding as a hat. Optifine users, if they put a light source on their heads with this command, will automatically light their surroundings. This is a client-side only effect.

Donor Warp

/dwarp is a nifty little command that allows Donors to set their own personal warps. To activate it, stand where you want to place it and type /dwarp set. To go to it, simply type /dwarp tp <username>. Don't want it anymore? Either use /dwarp remove or just set a new one.

Animal Effects

Want to see some cool effects you can apply to some creatures? Use /danimals! You can convert cows to mooshrooms, and regular horses to either zombie or skeleton horses.

Player Particles

Produces particles around your player! Use the command /pp

Colour Tags

The /colourtag <colour> command changes the colour of your name above your head and in the tab list. (Note: This doesn’t change the colour of your name in chat)


Using /glow allows you to make yourself glow with Glowies! This is a toggle, run it again to turn it off. It uses the colour set by the /colourtag command.

StableMaster Extras

On top of the normal /sm commands, you can now do /sm rename <name> to name any of your pets without a name-tag. This command supports colour codes!

You also have access to /sm sit to ride any of your pets, such as your cat.

Portable Crafting Table

Use /craft from anywhere. No need to run home for a crafting table when you run out of stairs!

Change client time

Use the /ptime «time» command to alter you view of the world. (Doesn't affect mob spawns etc.)

Some examples are /ptime day, /ptime night or get specific with /ptime 11:58pm

Use /ptime reset to sync your clients time with the servers time again.

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