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MCAU's Vanilla server is accessible by using /vanilla. It is whitelist-enabled, so you will have to have an approved /vanreq before being able to join.

Some people will have theirs automatically accepted, some will have to wait for a staff member to action it. If your request is denied, you cannot make another one.

Important notes


  • All regular rules still apply unless otherwise stated.
  • Any griefing or stealing will result in a permanent ban from vanilla, no matter how small. Frontier Justice™️.


  • The difficulty is set to hard
  • Nether portals are enabled.
  • TNT and fire-spread are enabled.
  • No player regions. These will only be made in special situations, such as being griefed repeatedly.
  • No teleportation / homes / compass / god mode.
  • LWC is enabled, so you can still have chest protection. All the regular commands should still work.

External integrations

  • There is a Discord channel for verified users.
  • There will not be an online map rendering.

Map Details

Versions 1.16 to TBD
Started 2020-07-03
Spawn Near 0,0
Current map size 10,000 * 10,000
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