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Welcome to Spawnhunt! Spawnhunt is a weekly event where two signs are hidden somwhere in an area, and it is your job to find one and message the codeword on it to the event leader. Generally, it is held on Saturday afternoons, however times may vary, and any updates will be posted at /warp spawnhunt.

If you find a sign, you get given the choice of one of two prizes (as chosen by the event leader). This will be put straight into you inventory!

Here is an example of what the sign looks like (And no, EXAMPLE will never be a codeword…):


BONUS: Somewhere in the spawn region, there is a Mega Spawnhunt Prize sign hidden! If you find it an mail the codeword to Iyssden, you'll receive a set of Spawnhunt Armour, as well as a Spawnhunt Axe and Spawnhunt Pickaxe!

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