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The Vault

Welcome to the Vault, where a cache of prizes could be yours! There are 6 buttons, find the correct sequence to unlock the vault doors.

Be warned though:

  • If you get the wrong order, the vault resets.
  • If you press the same button twice, the vault resets.
  • If you press them too quickly, the vault resets. Give redstone a second to work ;)
  • And each button only has a percentile chance of working, or the vault resets.

I never said it was going to be easy!

If you do manage to unlock the doors however, you'll get a token to redeem to Iyssden for a pool of prizes! (Unfortunately there isn't a system to give them directly right now, so this is the best that can be managed. Also because of the limitations of ChestShop, you will need $1 to get the token.)

The prizes (Yes, you get all of these):

  • Spawnhunt Sword
  • Spawnhunt Bow
  • Spawnhunt Trident
  • Spawnhunt Pickaxe
  • Spawnhunt Shovel
  • Spawnhunt Axe
  • Spawnhunt Hoe
  • Spawnhunt Shears
  • Spawnhunt Rod
  • Spawnhunt Shield
  • Spawnhunt Helmet
  • Spawnhunt Chestplate
  • Spawnhunt Leggings
  • Spawnhunt Kickers
  • Cosmic Hoe
  • Elytra
  • Shiny Compass
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