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So you've been muted or banned. That is unfortunate. While Staff do their best to make sure that no one is unjustly punished (whether you may think it is justified is another story), sometimes there is legitimate reason for appeal. If you feel that you there is need to appeal your ban, head on over to our forums and create a post, or head to our Discord channel to chat with a staff member.

This does not guarantee that you will be unbanned, rather it is an avenue of communication.


If you've only been a minor nuisance or have decided that being a troll is a worthy use of time, you may end up in the server jail. This is generally only for a short amount of time, and used as a cooling off period/warning.


If you've continued being a nuisance after being jailed, or are repeatedly using offensive language / racism (see the rules), you may end up muted. This means no more chatting to other players for you, however, communication is still possible to staff.


Bans and their lengths can vary for many reasons. Among other things, if you have griefed, were very rude or abusive to other players or staff, or stolen items, expect a short ban. Multiple offenses will earn longer bans, or even a perma-ban. X-raying or other mod abuse is a 40 day ban, straight up. You are also responsible for your own account, there is no “my brother was on the account at the time.”


Brands may be given out on their own for minor offenses. They will always accompany a ban. Expect to be branded for a fair while after receiving one. After a while, it will be removed by a staff member if they feel you have been a good member of the community. If you have had a brand for a few months and it hasn't been removed, you may ask to have it reviewed and removed, however excessive asking will just mean you keep it longer.

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