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LWC (Chest Protection) Help

/cpublic - Create a public protection

/cprivate - Create a private protection (Most chests automatically apply this protection)

/cmodify - Modify an existing protection

/cmodify FriendsName  - Allows a friend to access that chest
/cmodify -FriendsName - Removes a friends access to that chest

/cpersist - Turns on/off the persist mode

Use this to run the same command on multiple chests
ie: Run /cpersist, then /cmodify FriendsName, then punch all the chests
Then run /cpersist again to stop the command repeating

Trust (LWC Helper)

/trust add FriendsName - Allow a friend to access all of your chests

/trust remove FriendsName - Removes a friends access to all of your chests

See for more advanced usage

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