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MCAU Shops

On MCAU, shops can be known for one of the many ways you earn Player Money in game to purchase items from the admin server shop and many other shops created by the servers members. “Player Money” can be seen by using the command: /balance or /bal.

MCAU also has an admin shop at /warp shop where you can sell and purchase small server items like building blocks, ingots and miscellaneous items.

Below the server admin shop is where the Shop Help is location, by using /warp shophelp it will specify all the correct ways in order on how to create the perfect player shop.

Creating Shop Signs

Creating shop signs on MCAU is as easy as it seems, you must place a Sign Above, Below, Onfront or Either Side of a chest to begin.

First Line of your sign will be your players name.

Second Line will be how many of the one item you would like to be purchased.

e.g. 32 of the item

Third Line is your buy or sell line with how much in-game money you'd like other players to Buy from you or Sell to you.

e.g. B (for Buy) 5 (for purchase price) : S (for Sell) 4 (price players can sell to you)

Forth Line is the name of the item.

Chest and Sign Example Layout Below:

Chest Buy/Sell Signs can be places either On the front, Above, Below or either side of the chest.

In Game Commands

For everyone

Can I view shop teleports?
Run the command: /shop All OR /shop List.
The first command displays shops in descending order of popularity. The second command displays random shops.

How do I get to a shop once I know the number?
Run the command /shop <num> or /shop tp <num>

For Shop owners

How do I purchase a shop?
Run the command: /shop Buy <Number>
Number is to be a whole number between 1 and 9999, and no one else can already own that number.

How do I add money to my shop’s balance?
Run the command: /shop Edit <Number> Pay <Amount>
Number is your shop number, and Amount is the amount of dollars you wish to deposit.

Can I display what I sell?
Run the command: /shop Edit <Number> Cat [Category]
Number is your shop number, and Category is the the subsection you wish to apply to your shop, leave blank to view all possible categories.

Can I delete my shop?
Run the command: /shop Remove <Number>
This will permanently delete your shop, and no refunds are allotted for any money left in the account. If you accidentally purchased the shop, create a /modreq instead.

All commands

In-game Commands
/shop buy <Shop Number> Use a shop number that isn't taken.
/shop edit <Shop Number> Shows all editing options for your shop.
/shop edit <Shop Number> Tp Sets spawn point for players to visit your shop.
/shop edit <Shop Number> cat <Category> Categories Include: Mining, Redstone, Tools, Weapons, Building, Food etc.
/shop like <Shop Number> Leave a like on players shops almost like a rating.
/shop tp <Shop Number> Use to visit the shop number you desire.
/shop remove <Shop Number> Removes your personal shop.
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