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Mixed Chests

If you use the command /chest, you'll get a dialog open offering many kinds of modified chests.

Donation Chest

Opening the /dchest is free. This chest is the public player chest. Everyone can see the contents of this chest, putting in and taking out any items they want.

Sometimes, the /dchest will be randomized with a variety of items of varying rarities and/or values. Keep an eye on chat for a notification to open the Donation Chest to see what you can grab. Note that during this time players can only take 1 item every 3 seconds to allow everyone a fair chance of getting something.

Enchantment Chest

Opening the /echest will remove 5 levels from you. Once opened, place an non-enchanted weapon or armor in the item slot in the top row. When you close the box, the item will be returned to you with a random enchantment on it. Only works on a single item, don't try and find a way to do multiple.

Hold Chest

The /hchest is a second inventory, kind of like a backpack. You'll need a minimum of 5 levels to open it. Also, if you manage to save up your levels, the Hold Chest will automatically gain more rows! You'll start with 1 row at level 5, and gain an additional row at levels 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100. Once you reach these levels, you may use/store your levels again, and the Hold Chest will retain it's inventory.

Warning: the chest will however drop it's contents, and reset back to one row upon death.

Money Chest

Currently disabled. While this shows up as an option.

Random Chest

Opening the /rchest will remove 5 levels from you. Once open, for the next 15 seconds, items will appear randomly in the inventory space, and you have a short amount of time to move them to your inventory (yes, shift-click works). Many items are available, but you have to be quick to obtain them!

Shuffle Chest

Opening the /schest will remove 2 levels from you. Similar to the random chest, the Shuffle Chest is filled with an array of random items, quickly cycling though. There is no time limit, however you can only left click on one item, which will then close the chest and add the item to you inventory. Luck favours patience!

Vault Chest

Opening the /vchest will remove 5 levels from you. Similar to the Hold Chest, but more akin to a portable chest than a backpack. Will not drop items upon death, and any upgrades are permanent. Use /vchest upgrade to gain another row (up to 6 rows maximum), at the cost of 25 experience levels per upgrade.

Swap Chest

You need a minimum of 2 levels to open the /wchest (they will not be taken from you). The Swap Chest gives you whatever items are stored in it's hidden inventory, and puts in the items you choose to give it ready for the next player. Occasionally, the Donation Chest empties into the Swap Chest, so who knows what you may end up with!

Experience Chest

Currently disabled. You need a minimum of 10 levels to open the /xchest (they will not be taken from you). You can put items into this chest, which when closed, will be permanently destroyed and converted into player experience for you. A message will be sent to you in chat to inform you how much experience you received.

Warning: Not all items will return XP, so if you are unsure, place a single item at a time. Named or enchanted items will return nothing, and will be destroyed. Staff are not responsible for replacing lost items.

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