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Magic Hoe Tutorial

The magic hoe is a special tool used almost like a debug stick to alter block states in creative ways.

Be it rotating a stair block without affecting the stairs next to it, to locking your pressure plates on so people don't run across your dinner table making clicking noises.


Recipes can be found at /warp hoe. Notes:

  • Each additional tier requires a hoe of the previous tier.
  • You cannot upgrade your hoe if you make it into a netherrite hoe.
Tier Durability Recipe
Normal 75 per use Diamond hoe surrounded by 8 glistening melon
Super 15 per use Normal tier surrounded by 8 diamonds
Uber 1 per use Uber tier surrounded by 8 diamond blocks
Cosmic Infinite uses Cosmic tier surrounded by 8 nether stars


Some actions require the use of the scrollwheel to change block states. Use your numpad to select slots if you do not have a scrollwheel.

Block Action Crouch Action
Budding AmethystPush over 1 block
ButtonPerma Toggle
DeepslateReinforced Deepslate > Bedrock > Deepslate
Dripleaf (big)Toggle tilt (locked unless “none”)
EmeraldBarrier > Emerald
FencesChange state of the 4 sides
Fence gatesToggle “in-wall”
FurnacesToggle lit
Glass panesToggle sides
GlowstoneLight block (Scrollable intensity)
GrassToggle Snowy
Hay BlockHalf Bed > Change colours
HopperChange output direction
IceFrosted Ice
Item FrameToggle VisibleToggle Fixed
LampToggle Lit
LanternToggle Hanging
Lapis BlockVoid Block > Lapis Block
Lightning RodToggle State
MelonCactus > Melon
Mushroom BlocksRotate
NoteblockChange instrument
Oak PlanksLadder > Oak Planks
ObsidianStructure Block > Obsidian
Packed IceWater
Pressure PlatesPerma toggle
Railslock state
RedstoneSave state? - unsure of purpose
SandPrevent Phsyics
SnowSave state? - unsure of purpose
Soul SandBlue Fire
SpawnerPush over 1 block
StairsRotate & change corners
TrapdoorToggle state
TriphookToggle state
WallsChange states for heights & centre column
WoolCarpet > Wool
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