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Rocket Boots

While flying isn't available to players by default, there are items that will allow you to do so, at the cost of fuel. This comes in the form of Rocket Boots.

This guide will teach you how to make your own pair, as well as how to repair them using a Repair Stand. We'll also go into depth of the variants and enhancements that are available, to make boots work the way you need them to (or to have some fun in!).

The Basics of Rocket Boots

A basic set of Rocket Boots requires three parts: a Controller, a Booster, and a Material Type. While the controller remains the same across all types, the level of Booster determimines the speed you travel, and the Material determines durability and fuel consumption.


The Controller is required for all Rocket Boots, and the recipe remains the same regardless. The recipe requires two Leads with a Tripwire Hook on top. Two controllers are required per set of boots.


Boosters determine what speed you travel at. 1-3 is good for building. 4-5 is good for long distance travel or viewing large builds. The higher level booster, the faster fuel is consumed.

The recipe requires three TNT, two Blaze Powder, one Block of Redstone, and two blocks of (Redstone/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald). Two boosters are required per set of boots.

Booster Levels I-V:

There is also a secret recipe for a Booster Level X. If you put two and two together, I'm sure you'll figure it out ;)

The Material type is the last basic variation, which changes the durability, the rate at which fuel is consumed, and the speed that they are repaired. This is where you also use two controllers and two boosters to create your boots. You will require two (Leather/Iron/Gold/Diamond) per set of boots.

Warning: Once you create boots, you cannot add variations or enhancements later. If you want to add these, you'll have to make a new set of boots with them as part of the recipe.

Rocket Boots (standard):

Boots showing optional Variant and Enhancement Slot:

Fuel Jackets

Fuel Jackets are required for just about every type of Rocket Boot (A couple of variants don't use items for fuel, see Variants for details. The only difference between jackets is the inventory size.

The recipe is comprised of a (Leather/Iron/Gold/Diamond) Chestplate over an Ender Chest (in this configuration anywhere within the crafting table).

Fuel Jacket:


Rockets boots lose durability every time you take off. There are some enhancements to assist with this, but the common option is to build a Repair Station (which requires a Repair Tank underneath it). Once the tank has standard furnace fuel to consume, you can either stand atop the station wearing your boots, or place a Repair Stand atop and place your Rocket boots on it. You will know repairs are happening by the purple animation that happens each repair tick.

Repair Tank:

Repair Station:

Repair Stand (optional):

A sign can also be added to the front of the station that will give the repair status and durability of your boots, or let you know if your fuel tank is empty. Simply place a blank sign on the side of the station, and it will update when used.

Status Sign:


Enhancements are powerful modifications to give to your boots that will upgrade the repair rate or fuel efficiency. You may only have one Enhancement per set of boots.

Self Repair:

Fast Repair:

Fuel Efficient:

Solar Power:



Variants provide a modification to your boots that will change the fuel type, or give them a fun change during flight such as different particles. As with Enhancements, you may only have one type of Variant per set of boots.

Alternative Fuel Source

These Variants use an alternative fuel source to coal.

Health Zapper:

Robin Hood:

Red Fury:

Shooting Star:

Tree Hugger:


These variants will give you boots fun effects. Some have some hidden features not in the description ;).

Glazed Over:

Loud Silence:

Musical Madness:

Patient Zero:

<Pole Vaulter:

Radical Rainbows:

Rocket Runner:

Super Stealth:

TNT Overload:

Water Slider:

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