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StableMaster gives every player automatic protection of animals they tame, no claiming required. This means that other players can't kill, ride, or move your animals without permission. The animals this includes is: Donkey, Horse, Llama, Mule, Ocelot, Parrot, SkeletonHorse, Wolf, and the ZombieHorse.

Once an animal is tamed and protected, you also have a few commands available to you to be able to make management easier.

Command Description
/sm help Displays the command list in-game.
/sm addrider <player> Allows another player to ride/control your animal.
/sm delrider <player> Removes another players access to your animal.
/sm give <player> Permanently give ownership of your animal to another player.
/sm info Shows detailed information of the selected animal. Animal can belong to anyone.
/sm rename <new-name> A Donor only command, this allows you to rename your animal without a nametag. /codes can be applied.
/sm sit A Donor only command, this allows you to sit of any of your tamed animals, for example an ocelot.
/sm teleport Teleport your animals. Run the command once, click any amount of animals you own.
Run the command again at the desired location to move them.
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