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Welcome Book & Beginners Guide

The Welcome Book is a book that all players receive upon first joining the server. It contains many helpful tips for getting the most out of your experience on MCAU.

Welcome to MCAU

MCAU is a survival server. You can ask for help in game using the chat function by pressing t in game, or you can run the /help command.

PVP is disabled by default on the server, however there are some places where PVP is allowed (such as the PVP Arena).

For Minigames, including PVP Minigames, type /event and you'll be taken to the Event Server.

You can head to the website which has links to our community chat rooms (both on IRC and Discord), along with our Forums. Discord is the best method of contacting Staff should you have any problems.


MCAU has several different ranks that players can attain through their building prowess. You can find a complete list of the Ranks by checking out our Ranks page.

Useful Commands

Below are some useful commands you can use.

  • /rules will bring up the Rules List in chat.
  • /kit tools give you some stone tools to start out with.
  • /spawn will return you to the map spawn point.
  • /wild will take you to a random spot on the map. Note that this may also take you into some peoples builds, so be mindful when you are exploring.
  • The /back command. Did you die? Or did you tp somewhere and now want to go back to where you last were? Simply type /back! Note that if you died and you use this command, be aware that the thing that killed you may still be there…
  • /sethome allows a user to set a home point, which that player can then tp to at any time. To name the tp so it makes it easy to remember, type (for example) /sethome house which will create a home named “house” for you. To access that warp, simply type /home house.
  • /tpa allows you to send a teleport request to another player. For example, if you wanted to teleport to a player named Wally, you would type /tpa Wally. This command will send a request to teleport TO someone. To have someone teleport to you, they would need to send the /tpa request. Donors have access to the /tpahere command, which allows you to request someone to teleport to you. Check out the Donors link for more information on becoming a Donor.
    • /tpaccept accepts a teleport request.
    • /tpdeny declines a teleport request.
    • /tptoggle allows you to turn the ability for people to send you teleport requests on or off.
  • /msg allows you to message another player. The command is /msg <player> <message> where Player is the person you want to message, and Message is what you want to say.
    • Use /r <message> to reply to the last message you received., again where Message is what you want to say. Be warned though - if someone else sends you a message while you are replying to someone else, and you're using the /r shortcut, you will reply to the last person who PM'd you!
  • /list will reveal which players are online.
    • /modlist will only show which Staff and Mods are online.
  • /rhelp will take you to the Region Help area, in order to help you understand how to protect your builds.
    • //wand will give you a Wooden Hoe. This tool is used for marking out regions.
    • /rg claim <regionName> will claim the selected region as made by the wand tool. RegionName is the name you wish to call your region.
    • You can add people to your region by using the /rg addmember <regionName> <player> where Player is the person you want to give access to for your region.
      • Use /rg removemember <regionName> <player> to remove someone from your region.
  • /dchest opens the Donation Chest. All players can access this chest so if you want to put unwanted items in there, or something that people may want, use the chest to dump and get stuff.

Mod requests

If you are griefed, find a bug, or otherwise have an issue that needs staff attention, use /modreq <details>. Please provide as much information as you can to make it easiest to assist you. “I've been griefed pls halp” is nowhere near as useful as “I've had my farms raided by BadPLayer225”. Also make sure when using the command that you are at the location required of the request, as staff can teleport to the request to assist.

Note that this is a survival server, we do not replace items lost due to death.


Players can achieve ranks by building nice structures. Check out /standard for what is required to achieve a [1]. A [2] or a [3] are a lot larger and more complex, and need to be very impressive to attain. A list of players who attained a [2] or [3] last map is available at /warp showcase, if you ask nicely they might show you their build on the /event server.


There is a public chicken farm located at /docks, allowing you to pick up eggs and start your own farm. Farm crops as soon as you can, as animals can become rare in many areas. The donation chest, or /dchest, may also have some from other players. There is also many player shops that sell some, using /shop to teleport to them.


We do have an economy on MCAU! You can start making money by selling cobble and other items at /warp shop, or selling items at other player's shops. Once you attain rank [1], you can also set up your own shop to start selling items. Check out /shop help for a list of commands to assist.

You can check your balance using /bal, and pay other players using /pay <player> <$>.


Want to see what the map looks like? Check out the map at


Aside from the commands above, there are also a bunch of useful warps that players can use.

  • /warp treefarm will take you to the public tree farm where you can get saplings, wood and leaves. Remember though, use the /fixtree command to restore the tree farm to its original state so it is ready for the next person.
  • /warp sandpit will take you to the sand ship where you can mine and excavate a bunch of sand. When you're done, use the /fixsand command to refill it.
    • There is a cooldown on the /fixsand command and sometimes this prevents users from refilling the sand pit. If this happens, either ping a staff member in game or leave a /modreq.
    • Before using the /fixsand command, make sure you are out of the sandpit area! Sometimes the system will not remove you from the sandpit prior to it refilling, so you may end up suffocating.
  • /warp portal will take you to the Portal room, where you will find the Nether and End portals. Please note that due to the spawning nature of Nether Portals, players cannot have personal portals of any kind.
  • /warp enchanting will take you to the enchanting room where you will find Anvils and Enchanting Tables.
  • /warp honeybadger will take you to the Honey Badgers lair. He guards the /xpbank so you can save your levels. For every 10 levels, you can store 8 (the Honey Badger takes a 2 level “fee” as his wage). /xpbank store will save your levels, while /xpbank retrieve will withdraw your levels. Note that when you are withdrawing your levels, you will receive ALL the levels you have stored, not just a selection.
  • /warp by itself will bring up a list of all warps in an inventory interface.


Chests/Hoppers/Furnaces, etc.

In addition to the region protections, items such as Chests, Hoppers & Furnaces auto-lock to the player who placed them. In other words, only the person who placed the item can access it. In order to allow others to access your chests and other items, you'll need to do the following:
* First, add the person/s to your region using the /rg addmember command. You can find that a little further up this page.
* Once you have added them to the region, type /cmodify PlayerName where PlayerName is the person you want to access the chest, etc.
* Punch the chest/furnace/hopper/item that you wish to grant permission to.

If you are having a hopper feed into a chest, or taking items from one, use /chopper on to make the hopper work as intended.

If you have multiple items you want to grant the same permission to, simply type /cpersist before you use the /cmodify command above, then punch the items. This will allow your commands to persist until you type /cpersist again. If you don't use this command, you will need to enter the commands for each item you want to grant permissions for.

Doors & Gates

In order to lock your doors and gates, which may or may not lock automatically in regions, you can type /lock and punch the door or gate to lock it.


Each player has a number of regions they can use to protect their builds. Each of these regions can exceed no more than 200, 000 blocks. If the region for your build/area exceeds this amount, then you'll need to use multiple regions to protect it. If you are having trouble, check out /rhelp, or if you are really stuck, you can ask people in game for assistance with Regioning if you are unsure of anything.

Mob Grinders and Farms

Simply put, if it's more complex than a dark room where mobs can spawn, it is probably illegal. There is to be no farms set up using redstone, water, gravity, or other means that take mobs outside of natural spawning areas, or moves them onto a single spot.

As for farms, we have an xp mod call MCMMO. Therefore (and not limited to), any AFK fish farms, 1×1 chicken farms, auto-crop growers, or any complex redstone clock devices are illegal.


Donations of $5 a month support the costs of server upkeep (all staff are volunteer players). As a thank you and appreciation for your support, we give a few perks to our donors, including extra regions, god mode, compass teleporting, and a bunch of other fun commands. It also gives you access to the Creative lobby based in /event. For more information, check out our Donations page.

However, please be warned: Donating does not stop you from being banned. If you’re already banned, we’ll happily say thank you for the donation, but you won’t be unbanned. If you break a rule while you’re a donor, you’ll be banned. You will not get a refund, or have your ban length shortened. Please keep in mind that you are not buying anything – you are just donating.

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