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Player Commands

Here you will find a big list of commands… Not every single command is listed here, but there will be some obscure ones.

For all Donor commands and information - Donor Commands


/sethome or /sethome <home name if you want to name a home tp>

/home <home name if more than one>

/homes shows the names of your current homes you have set

/delhome <home name>

Horse Protection

To find more in-depth info on stable master click here StableMaster

/stablemaster help

/sm addrider <playername>

/sm delrider <playername>

/sm give <playername>

/sm info

/sm teleport can click multiple horses/Llamas at a time to teleport to a destination


/chest Mixed chests

/dchest Donation chest

/hchest Hold chest

/rchest Random chest

/schest Shuffle chest

/xchest Experience chest

/vchest Vault chest

/kit tools

Log Block

/lb tb

/log blocktool


/inbox Opens up your inbox

/post <playername> Opens up another players inbox to send items to

/postal buyslot Purchase another inbox slot



/baltop Shows a list of players money balance

/pay <playername> <amount>

Player Related



/realname <nickname>

or /whois <nickname>

/seen <username> Will show when a player was last active on the server

/uuid <playername> Shows all the previous names that person has had on the server

/firstjoin <playername> Show when the player first joined the server, if they joined before 2013 it might be incorrect



/req list Shows what players have an outstanding promotion request


Click here to find all information on creating a region Region step by step guide


/warp shop Staff shop

/shop all

/shop all <page number>

/shop <number> To teleport to the players shop

/shop info <number>

LWC (Chest Protection)

/lwc shows all commands

/cmodify <playername>



/chopper <on|off>

/lwc flag <name> <on|off>

/lwc mode persist


/mcmmo help



/mctop <skill>


/modreq <issue..>

/check (ID number)


/back The last location you were at

/dwarp <playername>


/tpa <playername>

/tpaccept To accept the last request that was sent to you

/tpdeny To deny the last request sent to you


or /warprandom

Teleportation (Inter-Server)


/event While being inside event by doing /warps will show you a category of different maps etc



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